Non-Metallic MultiSense. Results on successful climatic tests

28 Jul 2021

In early July one of the Wires&Bytes brand-new designs — Non-Metallic MultiSense — passed the climatic test successfully and confirmed its operation temperature range from -60°C to +85°C.

The test lasted for 6 hours, and the cable withstood 3 cycles of exposure to temperatures from -60°C to +85°C. This potentially means that Non-Metallic MultiSense can be used in different environments having almost no restrictions in outdoor installations. Particularly the cable can be buried in the ground or integrated into structures such as roads, concrete beams and slabs and withstand sub-zero temperatures while providing quality strain temperature and acoustic acquisition data.

This time the cable samples were wound on a plywood spool. The second step of the planned climatic tests will be conducted with a coil of a cable. We’ll keep you posted on results!

Non-Metallic MultiSense temperature test results


Non-metallic MultiSense is a design with a gel-filled central PBT loose tube with optical fibers freely placed inside with 4 tight-buffered optical fibers, FRP rods, and outer jacket suitable for all types of DFOS systems and distributed monitoring as well as for simultaneous multiple measurements along with fibers for data communication. Learn more

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