Sustainable development

At Wires&Bytes, we are constantly moving forward with our technologies, products and solutions, while taking into consideration multiple different aspects of what our production should include within the sustainability frames. Nowadays, the ideas of sustainable development and the issue of environmental protection are as highly urgent and important as ever, we would like to share the ideas of our contribution to these key elements.

Going green means balancing between GDP and CO2, following sustainable development values means ensuring lean production and responsible use of resources.

Message from Saeed Rehman, Executive Vice President:

Wires&Bytes has a strong multi-pronged sustainability strategy, and over the past two years we have accelerated our actions toward environmentally friendly manufacturing and products. I am pleased to announce our vision and commitment to a growth strategy based on a sustainable future. Our overarching goal is to make our manufacturing process sustainable, ensuring that W&B products improve our customers' lean processes, and enabling our team and our partners to reduce energy consumption.




It is crucial for us to understand that the rise in carbon dioxide level because of human activities and energy consumption has now become the major cause behind overall warming of the planet that is having impacts around the globe.

Every responsible business should embrace the mission to reduce its ecological footprint. At Wires&Bytes we constantly think of how we can contribute to green energy.

Smart, energy-efficient, high-tech cables are undoubtedly the way into the future for the cable manufacturing industry. As for fiber optic cables, the only component that requires energy is a measurement unit. Today this technology can cover a distance of over 200km.

Moreover, sensor cables support effective monitoring of assets and facilities and control emergency situations at the initial stage helping to avoid wasting resources and polluting the environment (e.g., leak detection of a crude oil pipeline).

The same DFOS (Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing) technology can be applied in green energy projects. We fully support a European Green Deal and the idea of energy transformation.Using our knowledge and experience gained in the oil and gas industry we get involved in green energy projects, such as geothermal monitoring using DFOS . And more are yet to come!


At Wires&Bytes, we advance our skills to adjust to new sustainable reality and develop technologies that contribute to a lower fuel and energy consumption and fewer emissions for well intervention jobs. This involves operating efficiency with less staff and less equipment at the well, though without sacrificing the results, and even getting more data with modern acquisition systems and multifunctional hybrid copper-DFOS cables.

The newest development – thick-wall SlickLight.

By keeping the SlickLight size the same as traditional slicklines and making it compatible with traditional and standard equipment, the thick wall will allow more efficient use of the SlickLight cross section, increase the tensile strength and friction robustness and ensure the ease of sealing at the ends. Operators will be able to achieve more with the same equipment and resources at the well site. Advanced equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques are required to combine operational efficiency, environmental protection and quality data acquisition.




Health and Safety

Safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees is a priority for us. At all our production sites in the US and Europe we offer a variety of personal protective equipment to choose from, which is easy to use while maintaining safety.


Diversity and Sense of Belonging

We believe the best way of supporting our people is to create a balanced and adaptable environment that helps developing a sense of belonging to something bigger and to a group.

We encourage diversity in the workplace as we acknowledge this concept as essential. It creates a comprehensive range of combinations that influence the growth and success of the company and make every person genuinely unique. Our global workforce is rich in nationalities based in countries across American and European continents.