About us

Wires&Bytes was founded in 2019 in Berlin by industry experts to cater the growing need to design, develop and manufacture state of the art specialty fiber optic cables. Four founding partners have over 70 years of the industry experience in total.

One of the founding partners, Incab has a rich manufacturing expertise and history. Incab Group has been designing, developing and manufacturing cables for telecommunications and power industry for the last 12 years. It is one of the leading cables manufacturers in Europe with production facilities in Russia and the USA. The in-house capability of producing basic steel tubing, Fiber-In-Metal-Tube (FIMT) and encapsulating optical fiber and copper conductor with various metals, alloys and polymers, allows us to offer unique solutions for harsh environment applications.

As the need for more sophisticated fiber optic cable develops, Wires&Bytes remains at the forefront in developing and customization of these cables for various applications, using different metals and outer encapsulations configurations.

Through the relationships with system manufacturers and thorough the understanding of customer and market needs, Wires&Bytes is ready to serve this high-tech industry with a cable portfolio which is unique and cost-competitive.

Alexander Smilgevich

Saeed Rehman
Executive Vice President

Hans Goetze

Keith Russell
VP Business Development Americas

James Stephens
Sales Manager

Supply experience