Non-metallic MultiSense. New design in the world of distributed sensing

04 Feb 2021

Compact but multifunctional, Non-metallic MultiSense makes a change in the world of distributed sensing.

Despite its considerably small size and low weight, it is able to support all types of DFOS technologies and deliver multiple measurements. You might have already seen our Metallic MultiSense, but today let’s take a look at this design.


Non-metallic MultiSense is a combination of a gel-filled central PBT loose tube with optical fibers freely placed inside with 4 tight-buffered optical fibers, FRP rods, and outer jacket.

Please note that we design cables based on our customers’ specific technical requirements. In case of Non-metallic MultiSense besides any other requirements, the standard lay length may also be changed according to the project needs.

If you are interested in MultiSense and would like to learn more about it, please send an inquiry via website.