Services and support

Understanding the deployment environment, the cable purpose and its detailed analysis is the first step towards a successful cable design. As a result, bills of technical requirements are developed and provided to product managers and manufacturing technologists. You get the complete design services all the way to final specification including schematic drawings and preliminary data sheets to illustrate the construction

Since cable application involves various industries, you get support in the project feasibility assessment and rationally uncover its strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you have a clear technical perspective and understand whether the cable should be manufactured, redesigned or abandoned.

New cable designs require prototyping procedures in order to find the right balance in target cable design on one side, and technical possibilities of manufacturing machinery on the other side. This cannot be realized without extensive measurements in the labs where the facts and critical information are learned and used in the process tuning. Once the quality in the manufacturing process is stable and production provides expected and repeatable results, type tests are completed and results are documented

There are applications and environments in which new cable concepts will be deployed for the first time. This may require definition of very new or completion of existing qualification procedures, either in our labs or remote locations such as customers’ premises and sites. We can offer our facility for qualification processes and discuss with clients their qualification requirements

Since the company possesses modern measurement equipment and large expertise on its usage, wherever situation approves we can offer measurement services on customers’ premises and installation sites

The customer is always in our focus. We understand that post-sales activities such as experience with our products and other feedback is crucial for product and process improvements and better services to the clients