Non-metallic MultiSense. Application (real photos!)

11 Feb 2021

Last week we unveiled a Non-metallic MultiSense cable, today let’s take a closer look at its applications.

MultiSense is not just an eye-catching name, it provides a platform to monitor different physical changes with a single cable. Non-metallic version is fully dielectric (it cannot be revealed by metal detectors!), making it safe to use where electric current can be an issue. If you need a more robust cable with higher tensile strength, it can be encapsulated in stainless steel.


  This cable can be produced in two options:

  • as a finished product ready for deployment
  • as a semi-finished product for further integration into larger cable designs and other structures

  Where Non-metallic MultiSense can be applied:

  • all types of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing systems (DFOS): DTS (temperature), DAS (acoustic), DSS (strain)
  • applications that require enhanced acoustic response using standard telecom fibers
  • distributed monitoring: tunnels, roads, railways, conveyor lines, pipelines, dams and dykes, overhead and overground electric power lines, underground high-voltage electric lines
  • intrusion detection
  • simultaneous multiple measurements along with fibers for data communication


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