What to do with an idle wireline or slickline unit and how to enhance revenue in this challenging time

09 Dec 2020

With the availability of fiber optic and optic/electric slickline there are multiple new services that can be offered using existing idle assets. Fiber optic measurements offered by these slicklines provide wellsite answers and allow immediate optimization of production and clearly identify production problems, thus allowing customers to develop and implement an economic plan.


Fiber Optic Cable

Wellbore integrity (DTS/DAS)

  • Leak detection
  • Gas lift optimization
  • Cross Flow

Production monitoring (DTS/DAS)

  • Flow by interval in non-horizontal wells
  • Injection Monitoring (DTS/DAS)

Frac monitoring

  • Strain on adjacent well (DAS)
  • Microseismical frac mapping

Seismic profiling

4,6 mm (0.181 inches)

Working load limit — 2130 lbs

Electrical/Optical Cable

Well integrity with dual measurements

Electric line services

  • GR, CCL for depth control and correlation
  • Production logging
  • Pulsed-neutron logging
  • Caliper logging

Advanced logging depends on power/telemetry requirements

Tractor in horizontal wells

Plus all fiber optic per fiber cable

4,8 mm (0.189 inches)

Working load limit — 1110 lbs

No grease injection required

👉  Use fiber optic slickline to put your idled assets back to work providing a technical solution for today’s production challenges.

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