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Pipeline integrity monitoring

Final result: leak
detection and activity
control on the main pipeline

Reduced system
maintenance costs
Minimized downtime
of technical facilities
Faster emergency
Reduced environmental damage
caused by pipeline leaks


Oil Field
(operator room, server room)

Server Room
that accommodates:
1. DAU (data acquisition unit) - a server
that accumulates information
about the condition of all monitoring objects
and all control units.
2. APCS server

Operator Workstation
AWS SCADA, workstation
integrated with
APCS of the customer

Optical Sensor Cable
(custom-designed based on
the installation conditions
and intended use) - a
sensing element that tracks,
changes in the external
environment: temperature,
pressure, vibration.
Installed directly
on the pipeline or within
1 m from the pipeline

Control Unit
a server including
DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensor
DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensor
It analyzes and interprets signals
from the sensor cable



40 km

Optical cable
is able to detect
a leak at a pipeline

Specialty cable can
detect the activity
of construction equipment
near the object