QA: What are the distinguished features of the thick-wall small diameter steel encapsulation tube?

17 Dec 2020

In the first half of 2021 Wires&Bytes starts a new chapter in steel tubing and will introduce thick-wall steel encapsulations mill while keeping the production efforts and related costs low. Predicting possible thoughts on the topic, our today’s post addresses the questions such as what the distinguishing features of thick-wall tubing are, and what benefits it brings to the customers.

The fact is that we increasingly receive the following requirements from the clients:

  • higher tensile strength of the outer encapsulation tubing or outer jacket while keeping outer diameter small and production process as simple as possible;
  • provision of fast, easy, and cost-effective sealing of the outer encapsulation tube, on the deployment sites without using special tools or procedures;
  • higher crush resistance without the necessity for repeated production cycles to build crush resistance as in the case in the FIMT technology;
  • minimization of welding failures and leakages on long production lengths.

To tackle these challenges emerging from various applications Wires&Bytes has been closely working with machinery suppliers developing advanced welding techniques for improved steel encapsulation especially addressing small outer diameters and long lengths.

The result is a new mill tested and proved in the EU labs now planned for commissioning and putting into operation mid of Q2/2021. So more posts in the future addressing this thick-wall steel encapsulation technology are planned and your comments and questions are welcome.