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Universal Sensing Cable Tubing Encapsulated Fiber


Connection of downhole cables with network

Distributed monitoring of extended objects

Pipeline leak detection

Fire prevention system

Subsea umbilical

Cable side view
Optical fibers
Stainless steel tube filled with water-blocking gel
Armor wires
Outer jacket
Cable cut view


Temperature rating +90°C
Maximum rated design tension 4-10 kN 900-2250 lbf
Crush resistance 1 kN/cm 571 lb/in
Cable diameter 4.5-12.7 mm 0.157-0.472 in
Fiber count up to 96
Minimum bending radius x 20D

Other options available upon request.


  • Access cable
  • Compact size & low weight
  • High tensile strength
  • High crush resistance
  • Excellent rodent resistance
  • Remains functional under direct flame

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