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Sensing Cable Tubing Encapsulated Fiber


Permanent downhole cable

Distributed downhole monitoring (DTS, DAS)

Continuous downhole control

Signal transmission from downhole tools

Cable side view
Optical fiber
Stainless steel tube
Stainless steel tube
Outer jacket
Cable cut view


Temperature rating +90°C +194°F
+150°C +302°F
+180°C +356°F
+200°C +392°F
+260°C +500°F
+300°C +572°F
Minimum installation temperature -40°C -40°F
Cable dimensions (square encapsulation) 11.0 х 11.0 mm 0.433x0.433 in
Protecting tube diameter 4.0 mm , 6.35 mm 4.0 mm, 1/4 in
Fiber count up to 12
Minimum bending radius (no load) x 20D

Other options available upon request.


  • High resistance to aggressive environments
  • Full compatibility with standard fittings
  • Square shape — secure attachment to oil-well tubing
  • Optical fiber — high density of data — precise and fast decisions

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