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Capillary Tube

Polymer encapsulated armored tubing is applied for precise dosing of chemical reagents and their delivery with minimal losses to the required level of a downhole


Downhole chemical injection


Capillary tube


Inner jacket


Armoring steel wires incorporated into the outer jacket


Temperature rating +90°C
Tube inner diameter 3.6 - 7 mm 0.118 - 0.275 in
Outer jacket diameter 10.0 - 17.0 mm 0.393 - 0.669 in
Inner operating pressure from 20 MPa from 2 900 psi
Minimum bending radius x 20D

Other options available upon request.


  • Easy sealing
  • Flexible
  • High resistance to internal and external pressure
  • Outer jacket resistance to high temperatures
  • High resistance to aggresive environments
  • Corrosion-resistant alloys are suitable for high hydrogen sulfide environments

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