June Newsletter

25 Jun 2020

Wires&Bytes introduces downhole slickline cables for the Oil & Gas industry

Result of distributed temperature monitoring show immediate leak in tubing!


Heavy duty


All Oil & Gas operators need access to data for reservoir management. Common applications are well integrity, well performance and well optimization. Leaks in the system can cause environmental expenses, inefficient artificial lift systems and costly unplanned workovers. These are difficult to detect and locate using conventional single point measurements.

The advent of Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) measurements allows operators to monitor the entire well length in real time for the duration of the survey which makes DFOS uniquely suited to detect hard-to-locate well integrity problems and to efficiently optimize gas lift systems. A key enabler to make real time DFOS measurements is a reliable fiber optic slickline. Together with the appropriate surface interrogation units, effective data processing and visualization software a fiber program can improve profitability.

A number of service providers are addressing fiber deployment issues specifically lowering the base cost which today limits the use of fiber optic technology. Advanced service providers are utilizing new low cost slickline deployment techniques which leverage existing infrastructure and require very little in the way of additional skills for technicians.

Wires&Bytes introduces a range of downhole hybrid slickline cables for application in coil tubing and well logging. These robust and retrievable cables, which can be exposed to the downhole environment including H2S and high temperature, are made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel wires. These cables are designed to have high breaking strength and can be used to perform for years of service.

SlickLight cable designs are available in the following configurations:


This all-optical design comes with a range of fiber options, size, weight and rated breaking strength up to 7900 N. These cables are marketed with max deployment length of 5.0 km (16.400 ft).

Heavy duty

This heavy duty SlickLight cable is targeted for long and deviated wells with max rated breaking strength of 15800 N and max deployment length of 8.3 km (27.200 ft).

Electro-optical design

A hybrid version, which incorporates both optical fiber and copper. The optical fiber is used for DFOS measurement while copper is used for power and communication for electronic tools and tractors. Max rated breaking strength is 8200 N and max deployment length is 4.7 km (15.400 ft).

Important! Mechanical performance of fiber can be measured in our fully equipped lab according to your specifications or requirements.