Cryotest results

15 May 2020

The Specialty Cables for Oil & Gas require a stringent testing protocol before they are deployed in challenging applications.

Particularly, the cables used to monitor leaks for LNG pipelines and tanks need a well-defined qualification procedure. These cables are exposed to the harsh cryogenic temperature conditions and any underrated cable can fail to detect leaks and cause huge damages to human life and infrastructure.

Two cables design were tested in our testing facility. These cables were exposed to cryogenic temperatures (down to -170°C) in 4-hours cooling process and after it let warm up passively to the room temperature. The test results have shown no significant loss in optical fiber performance. Polyimide coated fiber was used in these cables.

Fig. 1 and 2: full and close up view charts of Samples 1 and 2


Fig. 3 and 4: Test results of Sample 1 and 2


Fig. 5: Optical loss test set-up at cryogenic temperatures